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A Translational Platform to Study Human Inflammation

Better Translation, Higher Throughput

We have developed a proprietary human tissue engineering system that mimics physiological aspect of inflammation.

We have developed a proprietary human tissue engineering system that mimics physiological aspects of inflammation.

Using bio-imaging, we can measure:
Recruitment Movement of leukocytes through blood vessel walls

Retention Blockade of leukocytes egress from inflammatory tissue

We can access clinical sample to explore processes in: Acute toxicity Chronic disease modeling

We can access clinical samples to explore processes in:

Acute toxicity
Chronic disease modeling

Leukocyte Recruitment

Leukocyte Retention

About MesenFlow

MesenFlow Technologies has developed a platform to meet the demands of modern drug development. It is a bio-imaging technology designed to accelerate the drug development process & provide solutions to problems associated with species cross-reactivity, animal testing & understanding human disease. This has been achieved by using proprietary protocols on primary human cells, allowing the mechanism of action & translational relevance of a drug to be defined very early on in the development process.

MesenFlow Technologies has recently extended this technology for use in cosmetics and nutrition. By using our technology, it is possible to explore the physiological impact of a cosmetic or nutraceutical candidate in the early development phase. Our services are particularly tailored to business environments where animal-free testing is mandatory, and an understanding of impact on human biology is paramount.

Our Team

Paul Bradfield

Paul Bradfield PhD MBA, CEO.

Paul has over 20 years experience in Academia, large Pharma & Biotech. Previously he was a Project Leader & Laboratory Head at MerckSerono SA, where he was involved in early drug development in inflammatory diseases, as well as in developing translational medicine techniques. Under his management, MesenFlow Technologies has developed a platform with proven applications in cosmetics & accelerated drug development. He has over 20 publications & patents.

Beat Imhof

Professor Beat Imhof PhD, Scientific Adviser.

Beat is a Professor Emeritus in the Department of Pathology & Immunology, at the University of Geneva, where he was previously Head of Department. His continued research interests are in the pathology of leukocyte migration in inflammatory diseases & tumor angiogenesis, as well as in drug development. He has also held roles as President of the Swiss Society Allergology & Immunology, & European Society of Microcirculation. He has over 180 publications & patents.


Karsten Leuker MSc, Marketing and Sales.

Karsten has over 20 years of Marketing & Sales experience in a variety of different technological fields. He has extensive experience with Start-ups in the EU & Switzerland. Having established a number of successful businesses, Karsten was instrumental in setting up Swiss Wood Solutions, a material technology company based at the ETH, Zurich.

Riccardo Nissato

Riccardo Nisato PhD MBA, Co-Founder.

Riccardo has over 20 years of experience in academic & industrial environments, & is a respected Biologist, Project Leader & Business Consultant in the medical technology field. He has held top management positions (e.g. CEO, Director manufacturing & Business Development, CSO) at LAM Biotechnologies, Elanix Biotechnologies, Genes-x, Stemedica International, CHUV, MMV, & EPFL. He has over 10 publications & patents.

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